Friday, 26 April 2013


Are the Pinocchio twins telling porkies again?

Or is it really true?

Yes...they are in the building!

I am so excited to welcome Sooty and Sweep
as my guest bloggers to help me celebrate being 'half' years old today.

We are off on an adventure soon but they wanted to say 'hello'.

Take it away guys...

Official portrait

Squeak, squeak, squeeeeak!

Mobbed on arrival
Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeaky, squeak!


Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, yee hah, squeak.


Shhhhh...squeaky, squeak

I have so enjoyed my visits to this selective social cyber scene you all call  BLOG.
'Brilliant Land Of Growth', Bright Light Of Goodness', Best Load Of Grins' ???
Whatever it stands for, I have had a ball.

I frequently get lost in space, I think it's called Flo Time... so thank you, Flo.

And thank you for the motivation, inspiration, education and cerebration.
Can I book for another 6 months, please?
I promise to be good and tidy up when I've finished.

Crafty ways make squeaky days.

EE xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

Climb Every Mountain?

We swung our pants...

 and we swung our bunting last week

but it was too cold for much Easter energy at our market so
I now have a mountain of chicks and chocolate eggs (best before 31st July).
It's a tough deadline but I'll do my best.

I want to energize my wordsmithery
but I'm running out of consonants.
How can I re-purpose a vast volume of vowels?

We try to create treasure from the surplus of life
but what about the surplus of the surplus?
I fear more mountains.

I have 'a few' Countdown egg timers and
random number selectors JUST IN CASE ? ? ?
I also have a little red and green monopoly housing estate
then there's the boards, dice, counters and so many vowels
that I could send you all an I O U and a few E I E I O 's
and still build an A stack.
I feel responsible for these odd souls.
I can't bear to bin them just because I made them incomplete.
If only there was a game orphanage.

My low energy light bulb moment flickered when I saw
Hettie Brown's magical wordstitchery on her garlands.
Could this reduce my scraps mountain?
Should I pack up the cards and try some lyrical linen,
singing stitches or threaded thoughts, I wonder?
A sewn song, a woven word or some textile text might
ease the vowel mountain.

Why do these low energy light bulbs take so long to warm up?

I have a date with  a cream egg
so I'll leave you with my 6th day of thrifting edited highlights
and hope that Easter will return next year otherwise
I'll be in the hen house!

My true love sent to me...
44 Wild flower cards,
3 Ironing boards,
1 Chalk board
1 pull-along dog
and a Pinocchio with a jointed knee.
(he has two but it must rhyme with tree!)

Crafty ways can move mountains!

EE xx