Thursday, 31 January 2013

If You Wish Upon a Star...

I now present a poem...for best results serve with Pam Ayres. It's called...

Oh I wish...

Oh I wish I had a shop,
A little one would do,
With a kettle in the corner,
just to make a brew.

Oh I wish I had a shop,
To sell fun and laughter.
I wouldn't make much money,
But I'd be happy ever after.

Can you hear me scream?
To fill it up with happiness,
That would be my dream.

Hey, I've found a shop!
Well, I think it's more a shelf,
It's only three foot long,
but I have it to myself.

So will you come to visit?
In Chichester I'll be.
It's called The Carousel,
Oh I wish you'd come and see.

Crafty ways make poetic days.

EE xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Flatulent Flibbertigibbet Flounders...

The factory floor is full of  frugal framed fartwork.
Is this futile frippery?
My fickle fingers of fate feel frisky but my flat feet are freezing.
I am fading fast.
Is this faddy fun or a frightful failure?
Feast or famine?
Am I flogging a dead filly?
Should I return to flocculence?

I'm in a flap, folks, so please feel free to flow
with frank feedback in the medium of F.

Fanks for flying by.
Now, who's for a fabulous fondant fancy?

Flipping fads make freaky fortnights!

EE xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I've been everywhere,man...

My chest has gone all spotty!

The inside also needed fixing.
MISS G M LAKE liked red permanent marker.
I wonder where she went with her big blue trunk?

On the second day of thrifting
 my true love sent to me...(you were warned!)
20 cotton doilies
3 balls of wool
2 fancy cushions
and a candlestick as pretty as can be.

On the third day...

(yes, I 'm determined...)
4 packs of thread
3 Polish dolls
2 fabric squares
1 cake stand
1 tipper truck
and a mickey tin without a key.

To be continued...

Thanks for popping by blog-buddies, blog-guests or just plain blogging nosey.
You are all welcome in my tin can far above the world.
Planet earth is white, and it's giving me a fright...come back soon.

Crafty ways make productive days.

EE xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

On the First Day of Thrifting...

my true love gave to me...

2 Flying Ducks
1 Steamer Trunk
and a Rustic Wreath from a Willow Tree.

I am going to try 'The Twelve Days of Thrifting' challenge
so that I have a record of our stock
before it gets transformed or 'Cath-ed up' as we call it.
If Cash Kwidsin can do it then so can we!
The paint's ready, the PVA's steady and the chocolate's all gone so it's time...

ORDER : One table full of 'Something More Exciting'
BUDGET : Blood, sweat and tea
DEADLINE : 16th Feb 2013

Do pop back to see if it's soggy bottoms or a good rise.

Crafty Ways Make Thrifty Days.

EE xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Where do we go from here?

Something More Exciting?
That's a tall order at the moment.
I can do Easy-Peasy, Simple-Pimple or Mindless-Mundane but Exciting?...
 That's impossible.....Whoop, whoop, whoop...emergency, activate panic button.
Drop down negative knickers, pull up positive pants, immediately.
Phew, that was close.

I am 'normally' a dedicated follower of fad-shon. Last year I was mainly...
scattering moustaches, stuffing tea cups, framing expletives, stitching playing cards,
murdering board games and chopping cashmere jumpers all in the name of craft.
I even 'Swung My Pants' and 'Kitsch-ed My Art'  for the Chic Sisters (that's Granny, Shabby and Crappy) but where do I go from here?
Please check out my recent efforts (Fings from my Fingers) and comment.
I'm not sure which sister they will suit, probably the latter, she's easily pleased.

Wonderful Beasty Badges or Criminal Cardi Waste?

Granny Chic or Shabby Crap?

Pinlove or Pinsane?
Cyberspace is a very cold and lonely place when you're only 2 months old and prone to over-cybercitement. I need some playmates for my giveaway, can you help?

I am now going to make a panic button, a mute switch and a volume control badge.
Thanks for the inspiration, it could be the next big thing!

Crafty ways make inspired days.