Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm a Happy Bunny!

I was delighted to receive some fab post this morning...

I won a prize!

What a treat...sending a special thank you to 

for the giveaway and

for her generosity and inspiration. 

The Story of a Maker...

a charming book full of treasure, creativity and bows
(I love bows)...

and hearts...

and posh sticky tape!

When I'm happy I like to rhyme (sorry!)
so here's a poem inspired by Jessie's book...

It's called

When you feel a bit low
Or your mo-jo's gone slow
Try a needle and thread
To pick up your head.

Tiny stitches will grow
 From the rhythm and flow,
A mending creation
Of self-preservation.

Crafty ways make lucky days

EE xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I've been in stitches...

I seem to have caught the embroidery bug...

I think I picked it up from this unfinished project I found at a boot fair.

All the silks are numbered but there's no plan
 so I shall be brave and improvise.

I'm hoping it will make a lovely cushion or bag
(I like making cushions and bags).

I have been practicing with little woolly badges.

How hard can it be?

It just takes time, love...

and restless fingers, of which I have eight.

I also bought some sunshine fabric at this boot fair
  (where I was supposed to be selling my clutter)

and I solved the bag/cushion dilemma.

My de-cluttering mission is going well...

I found a use for all those receptacles
that didn't pass the pin cushion audition.

The hairless troll was saved from land fill...

and I have a back up plan...

I find it so hard to throw stuff out...
do you?

Crafty ways make hoarding days.

EE xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lazing on a sunny afternoon...

I had to get a wiggle on for yesterday's monthly market

so I made some teeny tiny badges from vintage linen

and some 'extra strong' blooming brooches.

Not my stitches... just propagated from cuttings,
 (you can just see them, top left).

Rubbish photos, poor lighting and a stressed photographer...
yesterday at the Vintage and Very Nice market in Chichester.

but this lady knows how to ...

Thank you for the thumbs up Vicky.

Crafty ways make happy customers.

EE xx