Friday, 27 June 2014

Excess Baggage and the Milkman

The vegetable rack is filling up nicely in readiness
for our next monthly market...

The toys always look so jolly
and give my crafty makes a boost.

We found some good ones this month...

There was Jim lad, the jim-nastic pirate (hours of fun)
and semi-skimmed Sam, the shortest milkman in the west.

I tried to ignore him and made myself a little summer bag.

I struggled to get the style I wanted...too pretty...

too frilly...

That's more me...square, crumpled and a bit green.

I'm hoping the other two will sell at our next market along with these happy shoppers.

Now, about that milkman...

he just looked odd...

far too small to carry a pint of milk...

and he couldn't see over the windscreen.

 I had a tall dark soldier in mind...

he took a lot of persuading with the white paint 
but we got there in the end...

I hope I haven't just ruined a vintage toy!

Happy weekend.

Crafty ways make fun days.

EE xx


  1. OOhhh No E,E, those bags are not too pretty & not too frilly at all !!! They are just gorgeous ... & the square, crumpled & a bit green one is gorgeous too :-) I wish I could just pop on down to your market stall - there are quite a few items that I would love to bring home with me x0x

  2. You haven't ruined it, you have enhanced it! You have such a good eye ...... love the bags. I'm sure you will have no trouble selling them.
    Jacqui x

  3. Lovely rack of colourful wooden toys....!
    And..The milk float is lovely to....
    Which reminds me...Notes left for the milkmen,
    in milk bottles...
    'No milk. Do not leave milk at No14 either, as he's dead
    until further notice'.

    'Please don't leave any more milk..All they do is drink it'.

    'Milkman..I've just had a baby, please leave another one'.

    'Extra pint of paralysed milk please'.
    (HeHe! Some people). :>).

  4. I think your bags are brilliant EE.....well done to you! :) x

  5. That milkman is a strange one
    Shorter than a pint of milk
    I prefer the painted soldier
    More of the milkman ilk

    I love the things you make. The bags are perfect and I do like the square, crumpled and a bit green one. I love the happy shoppers too. I really wish I could come to one of your markets! x