Friday, 22 November 2013

I Like Big Bows

I like big bows,
They neatly pose
With lovely wings
On crafty things.

I like the way
They stop the fray
With jolly ends
And pretty bends.

Do you like bows?
I don't suppose
You'd like to wear
One in your hair?

I have some spare
So would you dare?
They might all stare
But I don't care.

I like big bows,
In pairs or rows,
I like them loads,
I hope it shows.

She likes bows too...

and buttons...but that's another story.

Crafty ways make me smile.

EE xx


  1. Do you like bows...?
    DO-I-LIKE-BOWS! HeHe! Is the pope Catholic....! :).

    I've worn dicky--bows for forty (40)...Yes! forty years...
    The only time l ever wear a tie, is to a funeral. So! That's
    not to often....! Silly things ties...!

    Do l wear one in my hair....HeHe! It has been known...But,
    that's 'another' story....
    And...Yes! If you have any for sale....I'll be pleased to purchase
    a couple say....You can always e-mail me....(If your interested).
    I did ask once before....
    I have 27 at present, so a couple more won't hurt....Thankyou....!
    My e-mail add is on my Blog.....

    1. I would be delighted to make you a special festive bow... Ho Ho Ho! xx

    2. oooooooO! Yes! Yes! Peeeeeeese!
      A festive one.....He He He....oooooops!
      Sorry....Ho Ho Ho...! :>)

  2. Beautiful Big Bows Bring Bountiful Brown Bouncy Bobs (under control) hopes. x

    1. I'd love a bouncy Bob, mines just thin and whispy :( xx

  3. Oh yes, I would happily wear one of your jolly bows! I'm not sure I would sport them with the same finesse as darling Miffy, but she is rather a legend round here...chrissie x

  4. now I adore big bows but I've just had my hair cut short. . .grey curls now. . .and I look remarkably like a Bedlington Terrier. . .

    1. Just googled Bedlington Terrier...awww your so cute. xx

  5. Gorgeous! My granddaughter adores Minnie Mouse, who of course loves big bows too!

    1. It's the polka dots that get my vote and velvet a close second. xx

  6. Miffy looks great in these, they're gorgeous. I've still got some Dick Bruna books from when the children were small. Loved the illustrations, perfect for modelling your little creations. I'd dare to wear them in my hair...... Have a great weekend. xxx

  7. I never knew....but I love big bows too! Well fancy that! :) x

  8. I like big bows but on others... do you think that counts? Cx

  9. Gorgeous E.E. I too love big bows & love putting them in my girl gollies hair ... & best of all , they love them too. :-)

  10. Ooh I so wish I still had the hair for these colourful bows!!! When I was a child I was never seen without one. The bigger and more colourful the better.