Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Market Report

At the start of trading the market tracked overnight gains
and the SME 3 jumped for joy.

Sentiment was boosted by signs that the stimulus programme
will continue with more Great British Sewing Bee.

Stock was upgraded from 'sell' to 'hold' as Sooty trading was high in
smiles and grins easing fears of a takeover.

Markets will continue with quantity easing and quality holding.

Solid growth was seen in most areas but...

tea and cake fell sharply.

Crafty ways make conglomerate days.

EE xx

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Izzy Wizzy, I've been busy...

There's nothing like a market looming to focus the mind...
so I did a few odd jobs...

I did sanding and painting...

I did cutting and sticking...

I funted...

 and then...

I had a nice cup of tea and wrote a poem...

Blog On

I dance and play
And sometimes seek.
I never book
A time of week.

No wait or queue,
It's not a race.
There's lots of time
In cyber space.

No fare to pay,
It's free for all.
The bold and shy
Can have a ball.

Feel for yourself
The power rush.
The internet
Can't see you blush!

and now I'm going to have a lie down.

Crafty ways make busy days.

EE xx 

Thank you for squeaking, results coming soon.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Did they 'Sweep' you off your feet?
Or was it just me?

I have just seven days to decide whether to take these two scamps to market.

Please help me make my mind up.

Case for...                                                           Case against...
1. 100% Nostalgic                                               1. Always legless
2. Ready for a come back                                    2. Limited vocabulary
3. Make good hand warmers                                3. Water squirting habit

Voting lines are open until 24th May 2013

One squeak for sell.
Two squeaks for save.

All votes will be counted and verified. Results will be announced at :

Vintage and Very Nice Bazaar
Assembly Rooms
North Street, Chichester
Saturday 25th May 2013

Final plea...

Crafty ways make democratic days.

EE xx

Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm not moaning, I'm just saying...

My two HOUR thrifting frenzy produced these...

My two DAY sewing frenzy produced these...


This is why Tom (my Table of Merchandise)
is becoming more of a toy boy.
I am struggling to meet his crafty demands 
so I've gone for the quick fix to pay the rent.

Is that so bad?

Just look at it from the inside...

There are not enough hours to make everything.
Even with Little Miss Scissorhands snippitty-snipping flat out,
Tom's still hungry.

and another thing...

I've had a Michael Buble earworm all week.
(hmmm... could be worse)
I've tried every remedy but no luck.


I had to resort to surgery...








Relief, at last...I wouldn't mind but he just hasn't met me .....yet!

Cratfy ways make demanding days.

EE xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Contains Flash Photography

I got arrested for being too silly last week but I was only playing with my boys.

We did some blue sky thinking together

(please excuse incogni-toe)

and I thought you might like to see my wild life...

I have just noticed that my space ship's header doesn't say' Eco Ethel'...doh...
so I'm off to make a name for myself.

While your waiting here's some more pretty pictures.

make yourself comfy, I won't be long.

Crafty ways make happy snaps.

EE xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Bank Holiday Blues

I may take my Spring break real soon,
I might take my May Day in June
But what shall I do
When I feel a bit blue
And my whistle's all out of tune?

I worry that August will fall
On a day that's no good at all.
When the world is at rest
And I'm still in me vest
Do I really have to play ball?

It's been a funny old year,
Someone's muddled up all the cheer.
Was Easter a joke?
Who was that bloke?
Was that Santa I saw with a deer?

The calendar's gone all wrong,
Perhaps it will fix with a song?
So let's sing out loud,
Be jolly and proud
Then maybe next year won't be long!

Craft ways make blue days.

EE xx