Monday, 30 March 2015

No chocolate!

I have been making and gathering some seasonal essentials.

Just the usual... lambs, bunnies, chicks ...

but no chocolate as I can't be trusted 

and I don't want to peak too soon.

My troll's Valentine market was cancelled 
so I'm giving them another chance...

with some bunny love for our Easter market.

You can't keep a good troll down.

I'm thinking chocolate cake this year as I've been such a good girl.

Have you peaked too soon?

Crafty ways make smug days.

EE xx

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Show me the bunny

I'm sorry I have no eclipse photos, it was too cloudy...
but it's the first day of spring here so can I show you some bunnies instead?

Bunnies ...

in bandanas...

with bob tails.

Best buddies...
but will they breed?

I hope your sap is rising and remember...

Crafty ways make lighter days.

EE xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Panic over...

magic machine fixed,
photographic memory restored ...


so while I do a happy dance would you like to catch up
on my makes?

 It won't take long...

Tea towel totes

Shabby shoppers 

Sewing box makeover...before


with secret drawer...

Horse restoration...(you would have been impressed
if you'd seen the 'before' pic that I forgot to take!)

and finally...

Doll makeover...(you would have been impressed
if you'd seen the 'after' pic that I forgot to take!)

They both went to new homes last Saturday but you can just see them
on our table top shop... next to the pink troll.

speaking of trolls...


and I'm going for gold!

Can I just pass on some wise words?


Crafty ways make perky days.

EE xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Computer says 'No'

Bad news...
I've had a catastrophic hard drive failure !

I'm just camping out on my daughter's laptop for now but
I think I've lost all my photos.

Good news...
I've got a new camper van...

and it's spring!

I really miss this place... hope to be back soon.

Crafty ways make disappointing days.

EE xx