Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Motion in Time?

All this talk of budget plans set me thinking,
it's time I balanced my books...

I wondered whether I could make an affordable trinket
 in less than 30 minutes to achieve a minimum wage.

I needed a time and motion study
so I timed myself in motion.

It wasn't pretty.
I had tangles, knots and bad words everywhere.

These passed the test...

Blooming felt

and these failed...

felt too long
It seems I must stitch faster,
cut quicker
and stuff smarter
if I want to stay in the race.

But I'm not going to race because crafting keeps me sane
and that's priceless.

I wonder if Mr Osborne likes Jammy Dodgers?

 I promised Hettie some thrifty tips.

I can't save the planet 
but this won't cost the earth...

1. Take a flask for a crafty cuppa on the go
to avoid the cafe culture rip offs.

2. Share a tea bag, two full mugs from one bag is very acceptable
especially if you are an unbalanced pair (one strong, one weak!)

3. Divide and conquer a family size pack of biscuits.
Foil wrap a couple or more for a packed lunch or picnic,
 far cheaper than a Penguin.

Shall I put the kettle on?

Help yourself to a biscuit...

Does anyone else remember the Chocolate Garibaldi
or was that just a fantasy?


Crafty ways make crafty cuppas.

EE xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Brainy Words

I'm such a Restless Rita at the moment (grrrrrr).

Kermit has nice thumbs.

I wonder if the summer solstice is messing with my brain.
I feel quite tipsy on daylight.
 Too much vitamin D?
Too much serotonin ?

Another monthly market looms.
They come round so quick, even when the days are longer.
So I plumped up the volume and made a few cushions.

This lady was a tea towel, I hope she doesn't mind being a cushion instead.

and then I went a bit Pinsane.

Sew into chocolate?

Do you mind if I leave this here to soothe my restless mind?

 nearest image to my brain, unkempt but bright.


These words were in my brain,
They like to dance out loud.
Some are a bit insane
But most are rather proud.

These words came out my brain,
They exit to the beat.
Some stay and some refrain,
They make me feel complete.

These words filled up my brain,
They kept it bright with stuff.
Sometimes they were a pain
And now there's not enough.

I think my brain is clear
But now I am a bore.
To me those words were dear,
I need to make some more.

Thank you for reading.
I have just sent off my poetry competition entries
 so now I have to wait to find out if I am really a poet...
Yes, Rita, we have to wait (grrrrrr).

Crafty ways make restless days.

EE xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013


The wrinkles are coming to get you,
Just you wait and see.
They creep up slow
When you don't know.
That's what happened to me.

The wrinkles are coming to get you,
They hide beneath the skin.
No pain is felt,
The cards are dealt.
Give up, you'll never win.

The wrinkles are coming to get you,
With lines already drawn.
Just brace yourself,
Protect your health
And then try not to yawn.

I told you the wrinkles were coming.
You laughed and now your creased.
So guard that smile
And stay a while,
I don't want you deceased!

Crafty ways make wrinkly days

EE xx 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Doilies are not just for plates.

Thank you Granny Chic for accelerating the current doily vogue.
I have always gathered and rescued doilies, pretty miniatures from the land of linen.
It's a good word... doily.

It seems they have finally come of age,
being digitally printed on fabric to look like...
...err...a virtual doily?

Here's an early shot of my efforts in 'doilism',
pillowcase pinnies with doily pockets and a little doily bunting.

I still wear the rosy one...

So I wanted to pay tribute to the humble doily
and show you my ...'Dotty Potty Stand', a fabric wrapped,
sheet shelved, display stand with doily enhancements.

I'm thinking of having it printed in 3D!

Crafty ways make doily days.

EE xx

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Give P's a Chance

All I am saying...

is give P's a chance...

My peaceful patch of potential...

My product planning...

My partay pad...

My pretty purchases...

from this place...

to be presented here...

and perhaps purchased again.

Crafty ways make promising days.

EE xx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Poetic Pants

I'm training hard for a poetry competition (you may have noticed).
Can I practice on you, please?

Poetic Pants

I like my underwear
To guide the day ahead.
A gentle helping hand
Until it's time for bed.

When the day is longest
And it's hot and sunny,
I'll be in the garden,
Wearing something funny.

But when it's cold and wet
And toes begin to freeze,
A thermal matching set
Will hug my chilly knees.

Poetic pants are handy
To ease a stressful time.
If verse doesn't suit you
Just sing a little rhyme.

The power of the gusset
Can sometimes cast a spell.
It's a scary place in
Negative knicker hell.

Let's organize our drawers
From cotton to elastic
And make our undies proud,

Can you work out what Crinoline Lady is saying in the mirror?

Crafty ways make fantastic days

EE xx