Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Little Miss Scissorhands

Once upon a time in a land nearby, 
Little Miss Scissorhands dreamed of...

Her Mummy said...

but for now...

Little Miss Scissorhands said...

Time passed...

Then one day Little Miss Scissorhands noticed
that her paper trimmings had formed a nest
so she cut out a pair of wings and flapped as hard as she could.

Her Mummy waved her goodbye with some wise words...

and  a few more...

Little Miss Scissorhands reminded Mummy that...

Mummy said...

More time passed ...

and Mummy reflected...

That last cutting remark was wrong,
something rather splendid had been left behind.

A new sewing room had magically appeared
where once Little Miss Scissorhands had slept...

Daddy said...

and they all lived...

The end.

Crafty ways may cause product placement.

EE xx

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Charity begins at home...

I may have given you the wrong impression.
I do not live in paradise...

 They paved paradise
and put up some charity shops.
(seventeen, I forgot one!)

Crafty ways make charitable days.

EE xx

Thursday, 15 August 2013

One in a Minion...

I 'm trying to keep ahead of the game.

The Wombles are making a comeback.
I have always loved their ethos.

"Making good use of the things that we find,
things that the every day folks leave behind".

I made a Womble garland to celebrate.

They knew how to balance by holding their arms out
but I had the emergency services and my mobile phone ready just in case...

I am still searching for Soo, rumour has it she's pregnant
 and living with a nice cuddly chap in Edinburgh.

This is not Soo...

We are planning to take our first tentative steps selling on the 'line' soon,
like a wobbly tightrope walker.

I am not sure of the rules and I'm worried about copyright laws.
I think my Minion may get me arrested by the copycat police.

This is not Madame Cholet...

and these are no relation to Minnie Mouse...

I seem to have stumbled into a minefield of mimic.

Any tips from passing cyber traders would be most welcome.

Crafty days may be illegal.

EE xx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I Heart Bognor

My dear home town of Bognor,
The Royals liked your shore.
It's such a shame
About your name,
I wish they'd thought some more.

My splendid town of Bognor,
With Sussex all around.
Ignore the jibes
From those mean guys,
I love your fun playground.

My seaside town of Bognor,
With beaches and a pier.
I think you're great,
Like a best mate.
Come on, let's have a beer.

My darling Bognor Regis,
Where charity can shine.
I'm so love sick,
Just kiss me quick
I think you're quite divine.

Crafty ways make sunshine days.

EE xx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm having one of 'Those' days...

1. 'Those' days when you throw caution to the wind 
and everything falls into place with hardly any effort...

2. 'Those' days when nothing goes right 
and you end up with a tangled mess on the floor...

3. 'Those' days when you relax and chill
surrounded by nature...

4. 'Those' days when you're very agitated because you have to wait...
for very important bands of broadness to arrive at Guru's house from a place
 that shares my initials so we can play that 'Easy To Sell Yourself'' game.

...and keep a secret...

These represent agitated ...it  does say 'agitate' on the jar.

It's a difficult word to represent visually.
I did my best, considering I'm having a number 4 day.

Are you having one of  'Those' days, I wonder?

Crafty ways make 'Those' days bearable.

EE xx

Monday, 5 August 2013

I saw trees of green...

Elvis and Alpacas too...

I saw some zorbs...

For me and you
And I thought to myself
What a wonderful fair.

I saw skies of blue
Horses of white.
The bright blessed day
The dark one was alright
And I thought to myself
There must be a big pile of poo...

The colours of the rainbow 
So pretty on our stall...

Were also on the faces of people having a ball.

I saw friends shaking hands, saying...

They're really saying...
That's cheap for the price.

And I thought to myself 
What a wonderful fair.

I heard babies cry
And laugh out loud.
Punch and Judy were so proud...

And I thought to myself
Which way should I go?

Then... I thought to myself
What a wonderful fair...

Crafty ways make wonderful days.

EE xx