Saturday, 25 January 2014


came softly through my window today.

I know there may be winter ahead but
I caught these rays today and it
seemed a shame to waste them.

Shall we pretend it's nearly spring?

The bunnies are keeping their balaclavas on

but the ducks are ready to roll.

I love playing with fuzzy felt

and I was getting bored of knitting socks...

but I did use up all my woolly scraps

and finished a jumper.

Only one more week of injury time and then 
I expect I'll be glued to this for another two months...

but we can always pretend.

Crafty ways make pretend.

EE xx

Friday, 10 January 2014

Bone Idle?

No, not me ... just my naughty femur.

I'm half way through my hip healing process
so can I show you some incapacity benefits?

I found a simple 2 needle knitting pattern remedy for happy feet 
 and a regular dose of patient patchwork eases the restless wriggle.

If your feeling prickly, try a quick burst on a pom pom maker...

but no more than four times a day as it can be addictive.

I'm so glad that I can craft and calcify simultaneously
but there are a couple of down sides...

Toblerone? a Hero? I don't think so!
Be gone, you 'Krafty' intruder...

and my rhyming disorder has flared up again 
so I hope you'll excuse a little verse relief...

My Wish Bone

Oh little bone that works my leg,
I wish you'd help me out of bed.
I want to run and dance and skip,
I'm fed up with a broken hip.
So when your photo shoot is due,
Please smile and say 'I'm good as new!'

Crafty ways make therapeutic days.

EE xx