Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sick Note

Sorry I've been absent,
battling a nasty bug...
sending festive cheer
from underneath my rug.

Merry Christmas blogging buddies.

Crafty ways make happy new year plans.

EE xx

Monday, 23 November 2015

Crafty Crimbo

The silly crafting has begun...

I made these before the Sainsbury's advert!
in chilly Bognor Regis.

I'm not sure where it's heading ...

but I'm going with the flow...

It's always good to get ahead...

Don't you think?

 I wish could make one of wouldn't that be grand.

Crafty ways make Christmas

EE xx

Saturday, 7 November 2015

It's started...

Lately, I have been very busy in my 'She Den' (aka the spare bedroom).

 I like to pretended this one is me...

but this one is more accurate... 

My productivity was rewarded at our monthly market today 
and now I'm overtired with only a few fuzzy photos to show you

but it was worth it... pincushions are finally selling, hurray!

I may have peaked too soon with my twinkly lights
and Christmas baubles but there are only 6 more Saturdays.

Just saying.

Crafty ways make rewarding days.

EE xx

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Age Awareness

A year ago today I had a big birthday.
I have been trying to ignore 'old age' all year
but it's getting harder...

I was browsing a boot fair last week and I spotted a Hornsea Fauna vase.

As I approached the stall holder she placed her hand over
the vase, shook her head and said  "Sorry love, it's a collectable"

Did I look too old for collecting or just sad and poor?
I often risk buying green bananas!

I was trading at our vintage fair recently, nipped to the loo
and bumped into a 'sweet' lady. She informed me that 
I had made a splendid job of cleaning the toilets.

Did I look too old to be a trader?
Oh how I laughed (I wanted to punch her in the face!)

Now, today I find myself trying on a beige mac,
it was full length and very beige.


I think it's a good time to show you my Hornsea Fauna pincushion collection.

Don't worry, I didn't buy the beige mac...

I bought this one instead.

It's transparent with multi-coloured spots!

Crafty ways make AA days.

EE  (age 61) xx

Friday, 23 October 2015

Lonely Hearts Club.

This is Tom.

He enjoys reading

and dreams of a wild life.

These are the kitten sisters.

They love dressing up and were pleased with their 'off the cuff'' dresses
made from woolly sleeves.

Everyone loves Tom but Bunny was a little disappointed
 by his copy-cat choice of  knitwear.

(I couldn't bear to chop another scarf!)

They are all looking for love ...
and a wild life.

Let's hope they get lucky soon

or I may have to try one of those internet dating sites.

Crafty ways make lonely days.

EE xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Three Wise Monkeys

See no evil 
Hear no evil 
Speak no evil

I have just discovered that there was a fourth monkey called
'Do no evil'
I am not making another!
 He has folded arms ...that was lucky.

I'm no good at production line makes
but I've grown rather fond of this pattern.

It's so versatile...

It's an isosceles trapezium if you were wondering.

I'm going to call them 'Recycled Rascals'
I think I might make some more.

I would be grateful for any suggestions... 
I'm thinking badger.

Crafty ways make isosceles trapezium days.

EE xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

When Pigs Fly

If pigs should fly,
I hope and pray
That sausage bombs
Don't drop your way.

If pigs should fly,
I see dangers
With back bacon
Slapping strangers.

If pigs should fly,
There is no doubt
That fatty ham
Would slide about.

But if pigs wave,
Avert your eyes,
Those flying pigs
Tell porky pies.

So let's make sure
The day can't come
When pigs are cloned
Just for the fun.

Crafty ways make days fly.

EE xx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Mongering and Mischief...

We enjoyed a bumper day of unpredictable sales last Saturday.

I've been a mischievous monthly market monger for just over 3 years now
and I still can't figure out it's fickle nature.

I was sure that the new plastic bag charge
 would bring a rush to my bag department at last ...

sadly not...
even the professionals failed to sell!

My soft toy makes were just fillers to show off the rich and famous...

so I was surprised that most of them found new homes
 but not Miffy...she was a bit miffed to be left behind.

level shelves, wonky floor!
I wonder is there any rhyme or reason to this merchandising mystery?

I must curate my stock before we burst....

but where to start when
I can't even sell a witch for Halloween!

Any suggestions would be warmly...

Crafty ways cause puzzling days.
(Puzzles were a best seller!)

EE xx

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Toy Boy?

I used to be a scarf,
So very long and thin.
I warmed a chilly neck
And sometimes a chin.

One day she made me shrink,
Then said 'I'll make you cute'.
Now I'm just a toy boy,
In a fair isle suit!

To chop or not?

Would you swap a woolly scarf for a toy boy?...

or five toy boys?... and a few rabbit brooches?

Crafty ways make woolly dilemmas.

EE xx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Too soon?

I'm sorry ... I know it's too soon

but with 5 markets booked and a spinning head
I've had to make a start.

I hope you will forgive me.
Look away now if you're festive-phobic.

First up, some early applicants for the soft toy department.

Malcolm Mouse is from Christmas Crafting in No Time (Clare Youngs)
and Monkey just  happened.

I have high hopes for this friendship.

The cot makeover came next

then the Rudolf impersonators turned up.

I was pleased that their Santa suits still fitted.

Just the fairies to sort out...they're waiting in the wings (!)
and I'm on track for our next show.

The 'to do' list just keeps on growing,
but I love it.

If your local please pop in and say hello.
(Vintage and Very Nice Market, Assembly Rooms, Chichester, Saturday 4th Oct)

So... I've started ... have you?

Crafty ways make merry days.

EE xx