Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Time flies when you're having Flow...

Do you ever get so immersed in something that you forget the time?

I have just discovered that it is called 'Flow'.

They say it can improve performance, focus motivation
and give a feeling of serenity.

I like 'Flow'
and I have been flowing... 

Some people would call it 'cutting and sticking'.

Lisa calls it 'creative therapy'

and some would call it 'making a mess on the dining room table'

but I'm calling it 'Flow'
and it is welcome in my house any time.

Crafty ways make days flow.

EE xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Who let the dogs out?

Said the Penguin to the Guardsman.

It's been slim pickings at our boot fairs lately
and we have a vintage market in ten days.

I wondered if I could combine my love of vintage toys
with my desire to make woolly brooches...

 'Would you wear a dog brooch?'

Said the Guardsman to the Penguin.

'No, but I'd wear a kipper tie!'
said the Penguin.

Crafty ways make me smile.

EE xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Easter Dummy

I was disappointed that our April market was cancelled.

I was looking forward to making some Easter stock.

We did a lovely little garden fete a couple of weeks ago,

the sun shone all day but it was too early for any eggcitement.

I missed my Easter crafting so I decided to make something else.

I'll give you a clue...

I was in the sewing room with Mrs White and the candlestick.

Can you guess? 

Please say 'hello' to

The Easter Dummy!

She is slightly slimmer than a bunny.

 I tried to make her a 'fuller' friend with the other candlestick...

but she just looked wider.

Never mind...

I'll leave them here as a gentle warning to waistlines everywhere...




Crafty ways may keep you trim.

EE xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hooky Feet?

I seem to have caught the crochet bug,
not with the usual blanket symptoms,
more a sort of footwear fever.

It all started with a hot pink toe cap...

which rapidly spread...

to a full blown boot...

after some tweaking the whole family were infected...

even big foot.

It's left me dizzy with ideas...cotton sneakers for summer,
chenille pumps for evening wear, mohair, alpaca, angora ...
 and perhaps a chamois leather sole for grip.

There are plenty of patterns out there if you want to get hooked
but fit-as-you-go on triple yarn worked best for me.

Just start with a 3 chain loop, 8 dc, increase to 16 then 24
(24 fitted me) continue in tube mode to instep
then back and forth on 20 sts to a heel seam. Ankle cuff optional.

I love my new affliction but it needs a name...
 Hooky Feet...Woolly Soles...Crocheted Clogs...Yarn Boots...
or Fabulous Freestyle Footwear for Thrifty Folk?

I just wish they'd go clip-clippety-clop on the stairs,
Oh yeah.

Crafty ways make slippery days.

EE xx

PS: Broken hip slowly mending...a bit weak and wobbly
but occasionally crutch-less! Hurrah!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lets play shops...

There is a little shop,
Over the virtual hill.
It's up in cyber space
But I don't think it's real.

The shelves don't get dusty,
The floor's always clean.
It's all very strange, 
Do you know what I mean?

So if you want to see
'Something More Exciting'
Hit the magic button,
I hope it's inviting...


Crafty ways make magic

EE xx