Friday, 21 February 2014

Here come the girls...

Do you remember this shabby gang that I rescued last year 
and promised to 'jzuz' up? 

This one kept nagging me...

she wanted to catch the spring fashion show 
at our next vintage market and demanded polka dots...

and a hat (to cover the bald patch).

The others started to whinge...

so I had to keep 'jzuzzing'.

 This one needed a transplant.

I found these 'delightful' earrings in my daughters junk,
 I knew they would come in handy one day.

They didn't seem to mine...(no body to care?)

Here they all are fully 'jzuzzed' and ready for market...

I wish big girl dresses were this easy to sew.

You may notice this poor soul  missed out...

she needs new elastic hips so can't go to market this time...
a bit like me!
I wish big girl hips would mend with elastic.

We decided to have a farewell party just in case some find new homes...

We had more fun than I'm prepared to admit.

some really let their hair down...

and some had too much dizzy water!

I hate saying 'goodbye'.

Crafty ways make wild parties.

EE xx

PS: How do you spell 'jzuz'?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Good weather for ducks...

and windmills...

but not so good for riverside dwellings...

These are my lounge alcove windows
appropriately reflecting life at the moment.
I hope it improves soon.

I'm stuck with another 6 weeks on crutches
so I asked my daughter (aka Little Miss Scissorhands)
to cut me a love story to cheer me up...

The end.

Hope you're in a dry and happy place...

The wobbly one-legged photographer says
thank you for all your supportive comments.

I hope you get a nice surprise in the morning!

Crafty ways make Valentine's day.

EE xx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Thrifty Greetings from Eco Ethel xx

Take a stash of notelets,
a deck of cards,
and a magic wand...

for a nifty, thrifty greeting card...

that's assuming you know someone who's 28 years old.

If you're not certain of their age I suggest you play it safe...

rather than cause offence!

And there's more...

Happy Easter?

Congrats on passing your driving test?

I love you?

Be my Valentine...Jack?

Get well soon?

Happy Anniversary? (shame they look so miserable)

or even Happy Mothers/Fathers Day (still miserable)

so if you're stuck for a card and need to catch the post
give it a go, the possibilities are endless...or at least 52.

Just remember... next time you fancy a game of cards
you may be a sandwich short of a picnic.


Crafty ways make best wishes.

Eco Ethel

PS: There have been some Ethel muddles so just to clarify
I am not 'Living with Ethel' but she is lovely.