Saturday, 17 September 2016

Get Back Mojo

Sorry I've been gone so long...I have missed this place
but a wicked witch stole my mojo (she knows who she is)
so now it is time to make another one bigger and better.

These neglected girls also needed help so together we 
stripped off
scrubbed up
and sat on the hot tank (phew)

broken hips were properly mended (mine too!)
 new outfits sewn 
and off we went to work.

It was so good to be back trading again
and looking forward to four more markets this year.
(FOUR? better get a wiggle on)

Get back mojo, get back to where you once belong.

I wonder what a mojo looks like?

Crafty ways make bigger and better days.

EE xx

Thursday, 2 June 2016


it was raining...

and dogs...
so I decided to get sewing with this fabric...
but I couldn't find a space for the scissors...

they wouldn't let me in.
I wasn't going to argue with the 'Hot Dog Society'

so I made these instead...

I may have just found a new range...

pets in period costume...
a dogs dinner or the cat's whiskers?

I wonder.

Crafty ways make hot dogs?

EE xx

Friday, 20 May 2016

Don't count the days...

make the days count.

No patience for sewing at the moment but with a market looming

I'm hoping we'll see a few 'Sewing Bee' customers

and maybe students about to sit exams...

then celebrate?

There's bound to be some dog lovers...

but will anyone remember how we dealt with a restless soul ...


Crafty ways make restless days.

EE xx

PS: Sending out a big 'thank you' to the limerick contributors.
(see comments on last post).

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Happy National Limerick Day!

There was an old man called Dave
Who swam in the sea to bathe.
One day a big fish
Gave him a wish
Now a mermaid helps him to shave.

Crafty ways make limerick days.

EE xx

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bean signed off...

I'm sorry for my failing blog,
I've stumbled in a wobbly fog.
My screw-fixed hip has let me down
So now I wear a grouchy frown.

My rock and roll is full of stress
While waiting for the NHS.
Please don't delete or drop me out,
Be back when I can twist and shout.

Crafty ways will not cause osteonecrosis!
EE xx 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

As I was saying...

I can now reveal the end of my twisty tale...or could it be the beginning?

I have been looking for a new outlet for my crafty makes
so it was perfect timing when 'a little golden beach hut with a handmade heart'
(aka Margot) 

offered us the chance to be April's 'featured maker'.

The Margot Maids were ready...

along with their pals

and of course we are all very excited.

I shall be waving them off tomorrow and hoping they find new homes soon.

Crafty ways make new ventures.

EE xx

Monday, 21 March 2016


A lovely new opportunity has just come my way
(will tell all soon)
so I have been talent spotting.

I needed a Playable, Affordable and Lovable PAL...
( handy acronym!)

The applicants were surprisingly similar in shape

Bert and Kevin
but quite different in nature.

Lady Velour



They all passed the paper-cut posing test

so it was hard to choose a winner
but there is a happy ending.

Kevin (Bacon) will reveal the twist in the tale soon.

Who would you choose?

Crafty ways make things good.

EE xx