Friday, 27 June 2014

Excess Baggage and the Milkman

The vegetable rack is filling up nicely in readiness
for our next monthly market...

The toys always look so jolly
and give my crafty makes a boost.

We found some good ones this month...

There was Jim lad, the jim-nastic pirate (hours of fun)
and semi-skimmed Sam, the shortest milkman in the west.

I tried to ignore him and made myself a little summer bag.

I struggled to get the style I wanted...too pretty...

too frilly...

That's more me...square, crumpled and a bit green.

I'm hoping the other two will sell at our next market along with these happy shoppers.

Now, about that milkman...

he just looked odd...

far too small to carry a pint of milk...

and he couldn't see over the windscreen.

 I had a tall dark soldier in mind...

he took a lot of persuading with the white paint 
but we got there in the end...

I hope I haven't just ruined a vintage toy!

Happy weekend.

Crafty ways make fun days.

EE xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

A sign of the times...

I've been messing about with some Junior Scrabble.

I like to take something new to our market each month
but it's quite challenging when you've run out of  'Y's.

No 'Happy' or 'Jolly' words today.
I had to try to be a...

and dance outside the box...

then have a nap...

while my daughter made some greeting cards ...

Did anyone watch the football last night?

I tried to watch the ball
Those handsome guys
With chunky thighs
The way they dive and fall.

I think I saw a ball
Flexing muscles
Manly tussles
Oh yes, I saw it all.

I may have lost the ball
Those lycra suits
And nifty boots
I love the off side rule!

I think it's all over now...

Thanks for reading.

Crafty ways make happy words.
EE xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Let me...

take you down...

Cause I'm going to...

Strawberry Fields

Nothing to peel

And nothing...

 to get ...

hung about...

Strawberry Fields...


Crafty ways make smoothie days thanks to Mr EE

EE xx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Major Clutter

Major Clutter,
You filled my place.
You took control,
Now I need space.

You must be gone,
Start making ground.
I'll clear the decks,
Don't mess around.

Come on, carpet,
Fight for some room.
Can't see her bed,
She'll be home soon.

I'm all upside down with youngest back from uni next week,
no time for crafting or foraging recently.

I did find this Big Ears and a sort of Noddy the other day.
I left him to dry in the sun and a bee tried to hide under his bell!

My proper Noddy is a precious heirloom and can't go to market...

so perhaps I should keep Big Ears as well?

They've been bonding and sharing yolks.

Then, of course, celebs need a body guard...

or is that Major Clutter?

Oh dear...

Crafty ways invite clutter.

EE xx