Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chop Suey?

The BBC dumped them all in 1964 once Soo (correct spelling)
 was introduced...soo-spicious?

She was last spotted dunking bamboo at La Cootards so I fear
she may now be disguised in a sweet little ensemble fashioned from
 an embroidered tablecloth with matching accessories to die for.

I'm planning a party for Sooty on 19th July (his official birthday).
I wonder if she will turn up legless?

A little nonsense now and then
Is cherished by the wisest men.
Roald Dahl

only fools and horses went thrifting last Sunday...

but we galloped on...

 and a quick twirl on The Carousel ?

That's my Tom 

Tis a tardis of treasure, will show more next time.

And finally another thrifty tip...

Need to construct a market stall in a hurry?
Try deconstructing a basic hanging rail, remove wheels,
join two poles to make one long rod, fit across the top
then clamp sides to trading table and be amazed...

 A rather nifty trading frame to support all manner of merchandise!

Do you remember my fabric wrapped pot stand?

I knew it would come in handy.

Thanks for all your silly comments...Roald Dahl would be proud !

Crafty ways make cherished days.

EE xx 


  1. Forgot to mention last time....I live just a few miles from Child Okeford, where Harry Corbett used to live. He of course was the man who started off with Sooty..Then of course his son, Matthew took over.
    HeHe! My Mum in fact, chased Harry out of the Corn Exchange, with a wet mop! He wanted to use the loo! And, as the floor was wet, she would'nt let him. He tried to force his way in....But, Mum had the last laugh...!
    Not a very nice man....! He was quite rude too!

    1. How funny...she should have sweeped him away with a broom! EE xx

  2. hello hello.. thankyou for visiting me :)
    go for it, spread a little kindness, have a giveaway!
    i always worry that nobody will comment as i do not have many visitors but so far someone always does!
    lovely to meet you
    t x

    1. Once I find some treasure I might just...good luck with yours. EE xx

  3. I love that little pink wardrobe, most of the toys I remember from my early years days....gosh the stuff we threw away! :) x

  4. Soo Soo?
    I actually remember this spelling!
    For you see I am actually much older than I sound in real writing?
    D x