Thursday, 5 December 2013

As soon as I wake up...

every night, every day...

I know it's you I need to take the blues away.

It must be love...



I've got to be near you...

... every night, every day.

I couldn't be happy any other way.

It must be love, love, love...

Thank you Kim, I love my swaps

Only 20 sleeps left...

This was Bognor Regis last night...not certain what tonight will bring.

Nothing more, nothing less...
Love is the best...

then cake ?

then sprouts?

Thank you Little White Sewing Shed for the cutest swap
and thank you Ladybird Diaries for organising it.

It must be love, love, love...

Crafty ways makes Madness.

EE xx


  1. It must be Love..Love..Love..
    Yes! It's Madness..1981/92.
    Also recorded by...
    Labbi Siffre....71.
    Robin S....97

    Love the peg fairy...She looks lovely.....
    Ideal for the top of a Christmas tree....!
    What's her name.....Peggy! :).

    And there's something about a beach, evening,
    when the sun's go'in down....Mysterious, and
    so inviting.....Lovely! Goodness Willie...Steady now!

    AND...I know we've been in touch.....But, l want to say,
    publically....Thankyou for my three bows....I wore the
    festive one to-day, l'm over the moon with them....Thankyou!

    1. Glad you could fix them on...just wish they would light up! xx

  2. Loving your photos. (I had one of those wooden chickens as a child). Fingers crossed the weather isn't as bad as predicted. Sarah

  3. Your little peg dolls are so sweet, yes it's blowing a gale, keep safe :) x

  4. It's scarily windy here on the Welsh Border too, and oh so dark.......I shall switch on all the fairy lights and blog hop. Your peg dollies are so pretty, I shall have to have a go at making some for the grand girlies. x

  5. Hello Ethel, I love your peg dolls and all those Pinochio dolls tucked up in the warm. Kim's swap with you is just delightful .... gosh just 20 more sleeps, I had best get my skates on xx

  6. Oh dear I'll have this tune on my brain all day now.

  7. Yes the sky was rather spectacular over here too... See you soon at VVN. Cx

  8. Oh I do adore your peg dolls Ethel ... & your little wooden toys. Cant believe only 20 more sleeps ... bit scary really :-) Love that pic of the sky all lit up - looks stormy. Julie x0x

  9. Love your use of songs, in your joyful. If crafty ways make Madness, I'm sure I'm infected. Jacqui xx

  10. What a fantastic swap present you got. Lucky lady! Love the sprout broach, the only way that I would like them!
    Rosie xx

  11. I love those peg dolls and have bought some of those dolly pegs in the supermarket today to try my hand at making some.