Monday, 24 October 2016

Please enter your pin

It was only a matter of time...
before the pincushion craze returned.

I can't resist stuffing these heads full of cotton wool,

especially when it's true love.

It's got to be one of the quickest, cutest crafts 

but that's no excuse

I must stop...

before Mr Plod gets involved!

I promise not to touch Noddy or Big Ears

but I may take up indoor gardening.

Crafty ways make woolly days.

EE xx


  1. I love your pin cushions! You are so clever and creative!x

  2. The man in blue reminds me of Mr.Bean! Maybe that's just me being odd though. They are adorable.

  3. Beautiful E.E. I must confess I cant resist looking at things & thinking OOOHhh that would make a great pincushion. I think Mr Plod Noddy & Big Ears are rather perfect just the way they are.

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