Friday, 19 July 2013

I'm sooooo...

disappointed that I could kwhy...

 not because I didn't win the FREE Poetry Competition
but because United Press Ltd said I was the 'best of the rest'
and could be published if I send them £24 !
Shame on you Bognor Library for promoting a scam.

However...I have a cunning plan...
I am writing another poem for their next competition
just to see whether I'm voted 'the best of the gullible' !

I'm sooooo...
 excited that I could die...

The puppet celebrities have started to arrive,
the good, the bad and the ugly...

and some old school friends for Sooty's surprise birthday party.
I wonder whether Soo will show?


I'm sooooo...
prepared that I could...

organise a two day country fair without blinking.

Must rush... I need to craft and blink most urgently.

Crafty days are never long enough.

EE xx


  1. Oh! Dear!
    Shame..Shame ..Shame...(Shirley and Company)1975.
    Among others!
    Never mind stick at it....!
    I've just entered a poetry comp...! And, sent this.....
    "Georgey-Porgey pudd'in pie..
    Kissed the girls and made them cry...
    When the boys came out to play..
    He kissed them as well, he was funny that way"! :>).

    AND...Love the Muppets...Still do!
    Got everything of there's, music, LP's, videos, actual Muppets, the lot...AND, still watch them...Great...!
    Did Kermit and Miss Piggy ever get it together...HeHe! Don't think so...She was just an old 'HAM' actress...!!! :>).

    And, yes, Happy Burfday to Sooty...
    65yrs with a Corbett' hand up yer.....Can't be bad....! :). "Nuff Said".
    Best go....Before l get thrown of....

    1. I wondered why the girls cried...more Boy George than George Clooney! EE xx

  2. DON'T YOU HATE THAT! but your pictures make up for the scam with sunshine bright xxxx

  3. that's an outrage but loving the puppets(of course!) of my oldest friends IS the real life Soo from Sooty and sweep! I didn't believe her at first but quite quickly recognised her voice...he he. Have a great party x

    1. You mean I'm speaking to Soo's mate!!! You wait until I tell Sooty, he'll be speechless! EE xx

  4. Ethel..... How very dare they.!!!!
    ...did you 'write and complain' I have lots of neighbours that do that....they seem to always complain about everything....give it a try?

    How about that squirrel knowing soooo wonders will never cease....
    bestest to you dear Ethel,
    stiff upper lip and all that palaver
    Daisy xxxxxxxx

    1. I can just see squirrel tickling Soo with her tail...I love it when virtual and real life smack together. EE xx