Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Advent Adventures Day 16

May your days be...

My daughter loves cutting remarks...we call her Little Miss Scissorhands. 

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Crafty ways make Christmas.

EE xx


  1. Wow that is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Goodness - your daughter made this! That is just fantastic - how very clever (runs in the family).

    Watched Eric and Ernie (again) last night - never fail to make me laugh. Simple things
    Best wishes of the season to you and yours

  3. Respect for your daughter !! I admire everybody who knows how to do that paper-cutting-thing... Tried it myself several times. Didn't get far - a lot of cursing, bandaids on fingers due to cuts, and a lot of paper to throw away...

  4. A paper cut
    So skillfully done
    Merry and bright
    And so much fun! x

  5. Nice one - there is a career in the making there - In Hebden Bridge a rather arty hippy town near us, a paper cut artist makes a nice living. Her window is always full of very pretty and detailed work.