Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A little more action...

with just red paint...

then there was Elvis

he was in the ghetto but now he's rocking...

maybe he looked better shabby but once I started I couldn't stop!

In other crafts this week... 
I have been trying to get a move on

puzzling over puzzles...

and struggling with snowmen...

who thought they were sleeping Teds (don't ask!)

Then there were the Tank Top Teds.

I love this pattern but now I have too many Teds

and no snowmen...


I wonder? ...he looks adaptable.
Maybe I'll sleep on it.

At least I still have time...

I hope you can find some time this week.

Crafty ways makes time fly.

EE xx


  1. I love it all! I love the toad stool, Elvis the rocker and tank top Ted! If you remove tank top Ted's ears, arms and legs (and elongate the body) you will have a snowman!x

  2. Oh I just want one of everything today E.E. LoVe that stool !!! Just delightful. I find any time I put an orange carrot-shaped nose on anything - it begins to look like a snowman. Your stall is going to look so great with all that loveliness on display :-)

  3. What fabulous makes. I love the way you can turn anything into something because there is a little bit of that in me. I especially love the jigsaw wreath. Jo x

  4. You have done a great job of upcycling. The rocker is beautiful. I like the jigsaw wreath, very origional. And one can never have too many teddy bears :)))