Sunday, 8 September 2013

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

I'm having a number one weekend.

Great market yesterday with no obvious signs of that 'fever' I feared.
We did sell a suspiciously large number of toys so 
  I think 'it' will be here soon but no need to panic yet.

and then... great boot fair today...

There was one little 'incident' with  two Sooty's
(one had a REAL wand but in my excitement I bought the wrong one
and a little boy got the wand. I wrestled him to the I did not!...
 so now I must fashion one from a stick but don't tell).

 I won't let that spoil my booty bounty bonanza.

Perhaps I'm having a second childhood...

but I just can't resist these guys.

 They are all getting along so well...

and best off all... I rescued a one legged Pinocchio
from the rubbish ...

So on we go...his welfare is of my concern.
No burden is he to bear, we'll get there.

It's a long long road from which there is no return.
While we're on our way to there, why not share?

 I couldn't have shared a REAL wand.
Would you share

Crafty days don't get much better.

EE xx


  1. There you go again....The Hollies...
    Goodness...1969..! :.

    And look an Abacus..I remember sitting
    on the kitchen floor, as a one year old,
    doing the family books...HeHe!

    And, a one legged Pinocchio...Must be a
    joke there somewhere...!
    Love Pinocchio's nose...Mines much the
    same...I usually have to ask someone to
    scratch it for me...As there usually
    closer to it than l am....Boom! Boom!.

    Oh! And, don't worry about a second
    childhood....I have one at least once a
    week.....! :>)

  2. That musical clue was a bit easy...will hide it better next time...remember, the clues are there! xx

  3. love your gorgeous finds....a one legged pinnocchio cannot be left to fend for himself...thank goodness you rescued him! x

  4. Your market stall looks amazing Ethel ... wish I could come by & be a customer :-) I think having 2nd childhoods is A-okay .... your finds are just wonderful. And I actually really love that song "he aint heavy, he's my brother". Now its going round in my head !!! x0x

  5. OOh my lord I am ever so pleased you found each other....YOU and One Legged Pinnocchio that is!! A happy ending.....LOOKS fab in your pictures a treasure trove indeed! Hugs Maria x

  6. Loving the look of your stall and your recent finds :)

    Love old toys - oh and thanks for the earworm - shall be singing that song all day now ;)

  7. Just found your lovely blog & it has made me smile...and the song is also going round in my head! Lizzie

  8. How wonderful that Pinocchio has a brother to look after him! How do you make all the words in your pictures they look so good! I wish I had known that there were 17 charity shops in Bognor before my holiday to West Sussex, I would have loved visiting them!
    Sarah x

    1. My daughter does the you can plan a charity shop holiday! xx