Thursday, 31 March 2016

As I was saying...

I can now reveal the end of my twisty tale...or could it be the beginning?

I have been looking for a new outlet for my crafty makes
so it was perfect timing when 'a little golden beach hut with a handmade heart'
(aka Margot) 

offered us the chance to be April's 'featured maker'.

The Margot Maids were ready...

along with their pals

and of course we are all very excited.

I shall be waving them off tomorrow and hoping they find new homes soon.

Crafty ways make new ventures.

EE xx


  1. Good luck with your new adventure! How exciting to see your makes being featured! I wonder which one will sell first? x

  2. Just found you whilst bloghopping - and I'm glad I did! I love your blog - these dolls are so cute, and I want to have a go at paper cutting right now!