Sunday, 9 October 2016

Can I come out yet?

but with our next fair creeping into November 

I just had to make a start.

This little tree fella braved the sunshine

but it was too risky for the snowmen.

Crafty ways make early joy.

EE xx


  1. Oh tree fella is just gorgeous E.E. As are your felted trees :-) I have been making christmas things too ... much to everyones groaning & carrying on !!!

  2. He's lovely! If you made another two..
    You'd have 'tree fellas'...three lumber the Irish would say! :).

    And...What's the difference between a snowman,
    and a snow~woman....???
    HeHe! Snowballs....!!!! :0).
    ( l can do on a Monday morn'in).

  3. I love your little tree man! Can't wait to get a glimpse of the snowmen too! x