Sunday, 25 November 2012

Oh What Fun We Had

Something more exciting,
Something rather fun.
Just to lift your spirits,
When the day is done.

Something very jolly,
Something full of cheer.
For a special person,
Anytime of year.

Something that is surplus,
Something thrown away.
Let us craft some magic,
To make you smile today.

Its time to introduce our little trading table known as Something More Exciting. 
My crafty focus is to fill this table with help from Little Miss Scissorhands and Mr E.
I hope you like us.

Early days

Summer Tramping (trading and camping!)


End of year party

Crafty ways make happy days.
EE xx


  1. Dear Eco Ethel
    I do hope that I have the right Eco Ethel and there aren't several of you in the world! Sorry that it has taken me a while to get here - when I click on your name it leads to a blank so searched round to find you in the end.
    Anyway, as blogger is being bloggity at the moment, I have not posted the results of my giveaway but you are the winner. It would be great if I could get it to you for Christmas but sorry if you don't pick this message up for a while
    Thank you for kind words and support
    Keep blogging!!!
    Best wishes
    PS - Nearly forgot = could you please let me know your address!

    1. Dear Jenny
      How blogging brilliant! Thank you so much, I'm as happy as Bradley Wiggins. I felt spookily connected to that tin and now I can have my own giveaway and be a 'real' blogger (big proud sigh).
      I shall make a festive custard tart/trifle in your honour and photograph it on a pretty cloth (or ten).
      Sorry about blankness,(still learning) I'm on - we're heading west A27 on Sunday or will be at VVN 16th Feb.
      Sending lots of cybercitment.EExx