Friday, 21 December 2012 it tea you're looking for?

I've been a jammy dodger, 
hob-nobbing with Jenny, the iced gem at The Custards (cream of blogs).
She has awarded me some cyber bounty, how very nice, I think it may have gone to my head.
You bloggettes are so sweet.
Wafer minute, my giveaway is brewing, I shall pour it soon.
Come back after tea but don't leaf it too long, I might be digesting chocolate with bald Gary.
I prefer him to that Lionel Richtea, he's gone a bit square, is he crackers?

Our Magic Factory is resting (elves seconded) 
so please let me 'show and tell' some of our crafty highlights from this year...

Please come on in...

Ethel dreamed of looking like a 50's pin-up.

Do come back and see us next year! 
Happy Christmas
Crafty ways make silly days.
EE xx

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