Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Market Report

At the start of trading the market tracked overnight gains
and the SME 3 jumped for joy.

Sentiment was boosted by signs that the stimulus programme
will continue with more Great British Sewing Bee.

Stock was upgraded from 'sell' to 'hold' as Sooty trading was high in
smiles and grins easing fears of a takeover.

Markets will continue with quantity easing and quality holding.

Solid growth was seen in most areas but...

tea and cake fell sharply.

Crafty ways make conglomerate days.

EE xx


  1. Hip Hip Hooray for Sooty and Darling Sweep
    ....they live to fight another day....and will surely be appearing in more posts now??????
    D x

    1. I'll squeeze them in somehow. EE xx

  2. ~ YEY I am glad they were saved too! STARS they will be in your show on here, Miss Ethel! ~ Maria x