Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Bank Holiday Blues

I may take my Spring break real soon,
I might take my May Day in June
But what shall I do
When I feel a bit blue
And my whistle's all out of tune?

I worry that August will fall
On a day that's no good at all.
When the world is at rest
And I'm still in me vest
Do I really have to play ball?

It's been a funny old year,
Someone's muddled up all the cheer.
Was Easter a joke?
Who was that bloke?
Was that Santa I saw with a deer?

The calendar's gone all wrong,
Perhaps it will fix with a song?
So let's sing out loud,
Be jolly and proud
Then maybe next year won't be long!

Craft ways make blue days.

EE xx


  1. Simply the Bestest thats what you are Dear EE....thats another smile you have put on my face...xxxxxxx

  2. ~ LOVE it....Tis a' hiddly ~ piddly' old world, isn't it just!~ Leaving you smiling too :) Maria x