Thursday, 9 May 2013

Contains Flash Photography

I got arrested for being too silly last week but I was only playing with my boys.

We did some blue sky thinking together

(please excuse incogni-toe)

and I thought you might like to see my wild life...

I have just noticed that my space ship's header doesn't say' Eco Ethel'...doh...
so I'm off to make a name for myself.

While your waiting here's some more pretty pictures.

make yourself comfy, I won't be long.

Crafty ways make happy snaps.

EE xx


  1. Oh yes it does.
    squeak squeak squeak.
    Boom Boom!

    .....oops I think thats Basil brush..?
    d x

  2. Thank you for waiting... it took me all night! EE xx

  3. ~ YOU are barking MAD, dear Eco Ethel..But I do like you! Because you make me smile :) Wondering when your space ship is leaving....~ Maria x

  4. Not leaving yet, only just worked out how to land! EE xx

  5. Hi my dear Ethel,you are a caution!What a delightful beach scene!I thank you for your comments on my blog LA BOHEME is just fab I have soo many things I want to do to it.I am at my work bodily but in LA BOHEME in my head!TTFN pAM.