Thursday, 15 August 2013

One in a Minion...

I 'm trying to keep ahead of the game.

The Wombles are making a comeback.
I have always loved their ethos.

"Making good use of the things that we find,
things that the every day folks leave behind".

I made a Womble garland to celebrate.

They knew how to balance by holding their arms out
but I had the emergency services and my mobile phone ready just in case...

I am still searching for Soo, rumour has it she's pregnant
 and living with a nice cuddly chap in Edinburgh.

This is not Soo...

We are planning to take our first tentative steps selling on the 'line' soon,
like a wobbly tightrope walker.

I am not sure of the rules and I'm worried about copyright laws.
I think my Minion may get me arrested by the copycat police.

This is not Madame Cholet...

and these are no relation to Minnie Mouse...

I seem to have stumbled into a minefield of mimic.

Any tips from passing cyber traders would be most welcome.

Crafty days may be illegal.

EE xx


  1. Oooh I do love a Womble, takes me right back. I need Minions lots and lots of them it's a copyright minefield Ethel x

  2. Yes! l liked the Wombles to! But, l could'nt eat a whole one....! :).

    Bit worried about Soo! Someone said there's summat on Newsnight later....I did phone the BBC..But they 'bearly' knew anything, they said summat about...'duff' and 'up the'. Other than that...Noffink....Two 'F' and a 'K'.
    So! I'll be watching at 10:35 to-night! :>)

  3. Greetings,I had a Womble once but I think he got fed up of loft living and absconded,I wonder where he is and if he's happy!TTFN Pam.

  4. I am in love with your Womble garland.

  5. Am loving the thought that the Wombles are coming back - they were such a childhood favourite.

    Love your makes but those dreaded copyright police can be horrid :( Not sure how you get around it - there must be a way.

    Love the Minion - can see festive ones of those on a christmas tree!

  6. Big Womble love from me to YOU!You always make me smile :) EE...~ I am missing Soo already, do hurry up and find her please and thank you! Hugs Maria x

  7. you are ahead of the know the wombles are making a comeback...where do you get your insider knowledge from? I feel out of the loop!! insider trading is as illegal as warned! are you sure that isn't sue....she could have aged badly and i heard she had developed a few 'habits'....i shall say no more! can i ask what the beejeebas is that first picture of? it looks like the love child of where's wally and bart simpson! xxxx

    1. It's a minion (Despicable Me)...thanks for Soo-spicions...must dash... Bart and Wally are on the line. xx