Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm having one of 'Those' days...

1. 'Those' days when you throw caution to the wind 
and everything falls into place with hardly any effort...

2. 'Those' days when nothing goes right 
and you end up with a tangled mess on the floor...

3. 'Those' days when you relax and chill
surrounded by nature...

4. 'Those' days when you're very agitated because you have to wait...
for very important bands of broadness to arrive at Guru's house from a place
 that shares my initials so we can play that 'Easy To Sell Yourself'' game.

...and keep a secret...

These represent agitated  does say 'agitate' on the jar.

It's a difficult word to represent visually.
I did my best, considering I'm having a number 4 day.

Are you having one of  'Those' days, I wonder?

Crafty ways make 'Those' days bearable.

EE xx


  1. Secrets just the mention of the word sets me off....tell me tell me!!!
    D x

    1. Clue...Easy To Sell Yourself??? EE xx

  2. OOOohhh ETSY ... hope the EE is working betterer today :) x

  3. I have a Horlicks mixer very similar - love it lots x

  4. I seem to be permenently on a No. 2 day. Mess on the floor describes it perfectly!!

  5. lol i am glad i am commenting 'after' the day number 4!!! you made me smile...visually representing aggitated...only us fellow bloggers could truly appreciate your effort! how i love your blog x