Sunday, 11 August 2013

I Heart Bognor

My dear home town of Bognor,
The Royals liked your shore.
It's such a shame
About your name,
I wish they'd thought some more.

My splendid town of Bognor,
With Sussex all around.
Ignore the jibes
From those mean guys,
I love your fun playground.

My seaside town of Bognor,
With beaches and a pier.
I think you're great,
Like a best mate.
Come on, let's have a beer.

My darling Bognor Regis,
Where charity can shine.
I'm so love sick,
Just kiss me quick
I think you're quite divine.

Crafty ways make sunshine days.

EE xx


  1. Just last night on the News Channel....
    They did a feature on the pier, the Civic
    Society have reformed, to try for the third
    time, to rebuild the pier, and raise money, to
    restore it to it's former glory, as most of it
    has fallen into the sea!
    I should think so to! It's what makes a sea-side
    town....The Pier! :).
    Hope they succeed, otherwise....It'll be all at
    sea! :>).

    1. Yes, they have been talking about 'regeneration' for years and soon there'll be nothing left... xx

  2. Dear Ethel,lucky you to live by the sea,I've never been to Bognor,I will put it on my list of places to visit!TTFN Pam.

  3. ooooo bognor!!! need to visit! love it x