Friday, 21 February 2014

Here come the girls...

Do you remember this shabby gang that I rescued last year 
and promised to 'jzuz' up? 

This one kept nagging me...

she wanted to catch the spring fashion show 
at our next vintage market and demanded polka dots...

and a hat (to cover the bald patch).

The others started to whinge...

so I had to keep 'jzuzzing'.

 This one needed a transplant.

I found these 'delightful' earrings in my daughters junk,
 I knew they would come in handy one day.

They didn't seem to mine...(no body to care?)

Here they all are fully 'jzuzzed' and ready for market...

I wish big girl dresses were this easy to sew.

You may notice this poor soul  missed out...

she needs new elastic hips so can't go to market this time...
a bit like me!
I wish big girl hips would mend with elastic.

We decided to have a farewell party just in case some find new homes...

We had more fun than I'm prepared to admit.

some really let their hair down...

and some had too much dizzy water!

I hate saying 'goodbye'.

Crafty ways make wild parties.

EE xx

PS: How do you spell 'jzuz'?


  1. HeHe! Think you know what l'm gonna say....!
    Yes! they ALL look lovely...Except! Except!
    The top one...The nagging one....She's lovely as
    she is/was....A bit rough looking! Maybe pull her
    frock down a bit! Now! That's my type of lady! :).

    Jzuz.....Is'nt there a singer called Able Jzuz....???
    I'll have a look in a mo!

    1. Yes! Thought so...
      Hip~Hop..Underground singer.....Been
      around for a couple of years....!
      'YOU' don't mean....Jazz..Jazzed up! Do you!

    2. No, not jazz...I'm trying to say zhuzh, zhoozh, or even's what you do to your hair every day!!! xx

    3. Zhoozh.....First defined on the quiz show...
      'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'.
      Zhoozh....To push up with flair...or..
      Zhoozh....The sleeves up for a bit of pizazz...

    4. That's it! do make me laugh! xx

  2. Hi Eco Ethel! Thanks for commenting on my button buddy dolls. I used to have a doll like the ones above. You have done a great job in zhuhzing? them up! I love it when old objects are given a new lease of life.

    1. zhuhz?'s been bugging me all day! xx

  3. EE did you base their characters on anyone you know?
    I think I have a friend like that young lady in her pinkies!
    The last one should not be sooo pretty she should wear the skulls as jewelry and have tattoos on each arm?

    1. I have no control...but I love the idea of a punk polish peg doll.xx

  4. Ooh La la! I hope they all go to the same home, they look so happy together.

  5. I prefer these so much more than the originals. Fabulous restyling and cute hats too. X

  6. The ladies are looking great, and I wish dud joints could be repaired with a bit of elastic.

  7. Oh I love them all E.E. hard to pick my favourite :-) You have done an amazing job on their transformation. I love their little farewell party they had ... did you give them vodka perhaps ??? Kicking up their heels like that. Also pleased to see you have given them little panties to keep their nether regions warm :-) Julie x0x

  8. I do remeber them! What a transformation....real party girls.
    Jacqui x

  9. That is a great idea - I hope that they do well for you
    Best wishes