Thursday, 13 February 2014

Good weather for ducks...

and windmills...

but not so good for riverside dwellings...

These are my lounge alcove windows
appropriately reflecting life at the moment.
I hope it improves soon.

I'm stuck with another 6 weeks on crutches
so I asked my daughter (aka Little Miss Scissorhands)
to cut me a love story to cheer me up...

The end.

Hope you're in a dry and happy place...

The wobbly one-legged photographer says
thank you for all your supportive comments.

I hope you get a nice surprise in the morning!

Crafty ways make Valentine's day.

EE xx


  1. It's no secret....I love sayings...
    All sorts, l have a head full of them.....
    Serious ones...Funny ones....There is
    a saying to every situation in life...No
    matter what....HeHe! :).
    "If it's open..Close it...If it's on the floor,
    pick it up...If it's hungry...Feed it...If It's
    sad...Love it".

    "May you always have love to share, wealth
    to spare, and friends that care".

    "Learn from for to~day..hope
    for tomorrow".

    "Fail to prepare....Prepare to fail".

    And...One l often say to myself....It
    means a lot to me....
    "They laugh at me because l'm different...
    I laugh at them, because their ALL the same". :>).

    And, yes, certainly a good weather for ducks....
    I've half a duck, for tea, left over from Sunday...!
    Quack! Quack!

    1. Thanks Willie, I'll pass them on to my daughter, she likes cutting remarks! xx

  2. Oh Poor you Ethel. Though I'm afraid your comment about being a one legged photographer brought this Pete and Dud sketch to mind.
    Hope is make you chuckle. I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. xxx

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    2. If only I could hop like Dud...but then I'd spill my tea...couldn't link to Julie Walters' Two Soups, but that's more like me! xx

  3. I think your lounge alcove windows are absolutely perfect E.E. :-) We have been hearing over here about all your rains & flooding - how dreadful for you all - you have certainly had more than your share.
    Your Little Miss Scissorhands is a mightly clever girl ... those cutouts are amazing. Happy Valentines to you E,E, x0x

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  5. Hi Ethel,
    I think the weather is much worse for you. Is it ever going to stop raining, do you think! Spring seems a long way away at the moment. Sorry you are still so incapacitated but looks like you have been having fun with your daughter. She has obviously inherited your talent. Happy Valentine's Day x x

  6. Oh Ethel, 6 more weeks... that's very dull... mind you'll be skipping around with with the lambs when you are free again eh! More paper wonders... missed you all at VVN. Cass x

  7. Oh dear, I knew I'd fallen behind with everyone's news, but I hadn't realise I was so far behind ... today's blog crawl has turned up a new baby, a pregnancy, an engagement and now a broken hip. I really must try harder!

    Here's hoping you heal very fast x