Saturday, 1 February 2014

Thrifty Greetings from Eco Ethel xx

Take a stash of notelets,
a deck of cards,
and a magic wand...

for a nifty, thrifty greeting card...

that's assuming you know someone who's 28 years old.

If you're not certain of their age I suggest you play it safe...

rather than cause offence!

And there's more...

Happy Easter?

Congrats on passing your driving test?

I love you?

Be my Valentine...Jack?

Get well soon?

Happy Anniversary? (shame they look so miserable)

or even Happy Mothers/Fathers Day (still miserable)

so if you're stuck for a card and need to catch the post
give it a go, the possibilities are endless...or at least 52.

Just remember... next time you fancy a game of cards
you may be a sandwich short of a picnic.


Crafty ways make best wishes.

Eco Ethel

PS: There have been some Ethel muddles so just to clarify
I am not 'Living with Ethel' but she is lovely.


  1. got to love a vintage playing card.

  2. These are great....It's no secret, l'm very much a card
    person...Love having fun with cards, so much space in them.
    So! I don't just sign them. l work on them, add to them......
    It's great fun!
    If l have an 80th birthday, l'll buy two 40's and send them.....
    And, to friends...I'll send a different card for the 'actual' occasion.
    Bit tricky when someone's ill...and dies! HeHe! But! I get away
    with it....
    At Christmas time. l tippex out the writing from the previous years
    cards...And, send them...Only thing l have to buy then, are envelopes!
    Oh! And! The back of the envelope has to be worked on...
    I'm wicked....Really wicked! :>).
    So! There you are....Cards on the table....Three of a kind....Am l feeling
    flushed....Snap! :0).

  3. A gorgeous post E.E. - I do love a vintage playing card & what a fabulous idea to make greeting cards ... I love them !!! Yes, the possibilities are endless. Love the little fellow in the box in the last pic too :-) Hope you are still "mending" well dear E.E. x0x

  4. What a great idea...they do look good.

  5. Lovely idea, Ethel. Endless possibilities. Especially love the 'Happy Families' ones. Thanks for the mention. You're lovely too ! Jacqui(livingwithethel) xx

  6. Fabulous idea! We always seem to have a dark of cards with a few missing anyway, so now I know what to do with them! Chrissie x

  7. Marvellous idea. I wish I'd kept the pack of mini cards I won in a Xmas cracker now! Xx

  8. Fantastic ideas! which I'd read this yesterday, I'd have had time to make a 21 card for my son for today, love the Easter ones as well.