Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hooky Feet?

I seem to have caught the crochet bug,
not with the usual blanket symptoms,
more a sort of footwear fever.

It all started with a hot pink toe cap...

which rapidly spread...

to a full blown boot...

after some tweaking the whole family were infected...

even big foot.

It's left me dizzy with ideas...cotton sneakers for summer,
chenille pumps for evening wear, mohair, alpaca, angora ...
 and perhaps a chamois leather sole for grip.

There are plenty of patterns out there if you want to get hooked
but fit-as-you-go on triple yarn worked best for me.

Just start with a 3 chain loop, 8 dc, increase to 16 then 24
(24 fitted me) continue in tube mode to instep
then back and forth on 20 sts to a heel seam. Ankle cuff optional.

I love my new affliction but it needs a name...
 Hooky Feet...Woolly Soles...Crocheted Clogs...Yarn Boots...
or Fabulous Freestyle Footwear for Thrifty Folk?

I just wish they'd go clip-clippety-clop on the stairs,
Oh yeah.

Crafty ways make slippery days.

EE xx

PS: Broken hip slowly mending...a bit weak and wobbly
but occasionally crutch-less! Hurrah!!


  1. A mouse lived in windmill in old Amsterdam,
    a wind mill with a mouse in, and he was'nt grousing,
    he sang every morning, how lucky l am,
    living in windmill in old Amsterdam...
    (All together now).....
    I saw a mouse..Where..Under a chair..................
    (Oh! You all know the rest)......HeHe! :).
    Goodness! That's Ronnie Hilton...1965...

    Love the feety socks...There great! Especially
    the pink ones...Of course....I used to have summat
    similar...Years back...They had a thin layer sole.....
    and came up to just below the a moccasin
    type thing....Wore them all the time around the house...
    Comfy and warm.....

  2. I love your new affliction too! Glad you're on the mend.
    Jacqui x

  3. I am so glad you are back to your crafty ways and that you are now able to go 'crotch-les' !!!
    bestest d xx

  4. Lovely woolly slipper socks
    In colours galore
    Bows, beads and trims
    I would love to see more
    Crochet foot covers
    A sight to behold
    One great advantage
    Feet never cold :)

  5. Wow Love your fantabulous fashionable feetwear! Especially those Mary Janes!...and the list of endless possiblilties - looking forward to seeing some more!
    Glad you caught the bug....and you are on the mend

  6. I'm sorry to read you broke your hip (when I was internetless presumably) I hope you're making a good recovery, you can probably make about a hundred pairs while you're recuperating, take care x