Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Who let the dogs out?

Said the Penguin to the Guardsman.

It's been slim pickings at our boot fairs lately
and we have a vintage market in ten days.

I wondered if I could combine my love of vintage toys
with my desire to make woolly brooches...

 'Would you wear a dog brooch?'

Said the Guardsman to the Penguin.

'No, but I'd wear a kipper tie!'
said the Penguin.

Crafty ways make me smile.

EE xx


  1. ooooO! This brought back memories....
    Who Let The Dogs Out....Single by the Baha Men...
    Reached number two in the UK charts!
    Back in 2000....The song, by them, was in the movie,
    'Rugrats In Paris'. HeHe! Brilliant! Love the Rugrats...
    Year later it won best dance record, in the Grammy's! :).

    Love them little dogs.....
    Brooches....Look nice if they where pussy~cats tooo!
    My Father and Grandfather were Guardsmen...Coldstream

  2. woof woof indeed! What an amazing collection of adorable dogs.

  3. Hello Ethel.

    I was looking through some drawers the other day and found my son's little Guardsman, must remember to show it to him. Those little dogs are so cute.

    Have a great week.

    Happy days.

  4. Me too - they look fab! Love their surroundings too - very happy memories!
    Ali x

  5. The doggy brooches with button wheels
    Are pleasing to the eye
    And I would rather wear a woolly canine
    Than a kipper tie :)