Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I'm forever sewing buttons...

pretty buttons everywhere.

I rarely buy them, they just seem to grow.
Do you have that problem?
I have a house full.

I have been trying to use them up.

A lucky button for exam season?

or is this more appropriate? 

A mutton button?

The girls were not amused.

 They were getting bored.
I offered them a button modelling assignment...

but they preferred pins.

I've been foraging for our 'garden fete' on Saturday.

The weather forecast is dreadful...
thunderstorms and lightening, very very frightening me!

I may need that panic button!

Crafty ways make risky days
but it's all worth it when you find 5 yards of kittens...

My sewing skills are limited so... bags, cushions or pinnies? 
What do you think?

EE xx


  1. Oh! go for it....Do the lot....!
    Love the Mutton Button...Cool!

    And, the five yards of kittens...
    HeHe! Make a lot of dicky~bows
    out of five yards....!

    Yeah! I've loads of buttons to..Though
    mostly black ones, and white ones...
    for shirts and suits...But, l generally
    change buttons on shirts to a different
    colour...Adds a bit of style, not that l
    need it of course....! :>).

  2. I have serious button love too. Love the Russian Doll pin cushions ... great idea! M x

  3. One can never have enough buttons :-))))
    Lovely, the bouquet-on-felt you made with them !

  4. I'm just a bit obsessive about buttons too! Love what you've done with them, especially the panic button!!! I hope the fete goes well, sadly I'm going to miss it AGAIN! x

  5. OOOH!! Ethel what lovely buttons you have my dear! Sew beautifully put together! I love your house full of buttons,I have button envy!!Have you found Gemma Nemer ?She lives inside The Button Tin in Rotherham.

  6. Blooming brilliant button bouquets! Love them - and your house full! Panic button - fab idea!
    Hope the storms are only in teacups!
    Ali x

  7. Oh your button badges are just so gorgeous E.E. Especially love the panic one !!!! I keep my buttons in jars according to their colours also :-)
    That kitten fabric is just gorgeous too - I could see it made up in pinnies or bags as people seem to love cat things.

  8. I love Buttons and beads too. Love the badges
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  9. Five yards of kittens
    Fabric, I'm smitten
    Buttons on felt
    Necklace or belt
    Using up stash
    Will bring in the cash
    Whatever the weather
    You'll be a great seller

    I adore the kitten fabric. I would be inclined to use it sparingly so everyone can have a piece! x