Friday, 9 May 2014

Poetry in Motion

My little owl was feeling low
And so I perked her with a bow.

My ironing board was weary too
And so I covered it with blue.

The seagull's flying low today,
I hope he doesn't fly away.

My puzzle needed just a clean
And then wrapped up in polythene.

'Tis market time again, you see
And I'm as busy as a bee.

Gathering bits and bob's to sell,
Have I got a hope in hell?

You may have guessed my purchase new,
Let me show a little clue...

Crafty ways make rhyming days.

EE xx


  1. Oh! My! My! I don't believe it.....
    I thought l was the only one left on the planet...
    With a wooden ironing board...
    When l 'was' married back in 73...That's 1973...
    Went to meet in~laws for first time...In their shed
    was this wooden ironing board....Which was 10yrs
    old then...I grabbed it...brought it home...It is now..
    mmmmM! 10~20~40~50~51yrs old...And, still using
    it....My daughter caught her fingers in it once...And,
    refused to use it, unless l put it up for her...! :>).
    I have a pink..patterned cover on mine...HeHe! What
    else....! :).

    1. oooops! Sorry! think l just noticed summat....
      Looking at the size of that ironing board, up
      against the door...Is it a child's toy then.....!
      Perhaps..I am still the only one on the planet
      with a full sized ironing board....

  2. LOVE your little Owls E.E. Just perfect faces on them :-)
    Love your wooden ironing board too - yes I think it is a childs one. Is your new purchase perhaps your Rhyming Dictionary??? Didnt know they even made them !!! Happy Weekend to you (its Saturday here) x0x

  3. Have you swallowed the rhyming dictionary I spotted there! Your post made me smile. Love the owl.
    Jacqui x

  4. That poem is great
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Felted and buttonned, Twit Twoo...
    I love your owl with its pretty bow too,
    Exciting! Ethel, hope market goes well,
    You really do have some fab things to sell.
    If I was closer, I'd pop over to view
    Hope you're back soon: fab finds, old made new!
    Ali x

  6. I would love to have a book in rhyme
    And I would talk that way all the time
    You have such lovely things for sale
    Seagull, puzzle and the owl
    And I would feel just like my mother
    With an ironing board - a gingham cover

    Good luck with the market! x