Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Major Clutter

Major Clutter,
You filled my place.
You took control,
Now I need space.

You must be gone,
Start making ground.
I'll clear the decks,
Don't mess around.

Come on, carpet,
Fight for some room.
Can't see her bed,
She'll be home soon.

I'm all upside down with youngest back from uni next week,
no time for crafting or foraging recently.

I did find this Big Ears and a sort of Noddy the other day.
I left him to dry in the sun and a bee tried to hide under his bell!

My proper Noddy is a precious heirloom and can't go to market...

so perhaps I should keep Big Ears as well?

They've been bonding and sharing yolks.

Then, of course, celebs need a body guard...

or is that Major Clutter?

Oh dear...

Crafty ways invite clutter.

EE xx


  1. We never learn do we? have a good clear out of 'stuff' then go out and fill the house with more!!

  2. Yes very special indeed... keep them... I say Keep them! Cx

  3. Keep keep keep !!! They're small, so don't take much place... And they're so cute...

  4. Yes definately KEEP them E.E. They are so gorgeous & make a lovely little threesome together!!

  5. You should see my clutter, puts yours in the shade, heh, heh! I definitely wouldn't be parting with either of those beauties.
    Jacqui xx

  6. Major Clutter, Noddy and Big Ears
    Will bring you joy in coming years
    Place soft boiled eggs in hollowed head
    crack the shells and dip in bread
    Of course just keep them on display
    They are much to nice to give away

    Love the bee and the bell. Maybe he thought it was an harebell? x

  7. Oh dear Ethel how could you part with any of them? Though this attitude is why we had to leave our lovely little house in South London and move to the huge pile at the seaside, which one year in is starting to look very full