Friday, 20 June 2014

A sign of the times...

I've been messing about with some Junior Scrabble.

I like to take something new to our market each month
but it's quite challenging when you've run out of  'Y's.

No 'Happy' or 'Jolly' words today.
I had to try to be a...

and dance outside the box...

then have a nap...

while my daughter made some greeting cards ...

Did anyone watch the football last night?

I tried to watch the ball
Those handsome guys
With chunky thighs
The way they dive and fall.

I think I saw a ball
Flexing muscles
Manly tussles
Oh yes, I saw it all.

I may have lost the ball
Those lycra suits
And nifty boots
I love the off side rule!

I think it's all over now...

Thanks for reading.

Crafty ways make happy words.
EE xx


  1. Have'nt missed any of the football yet...! :).
    Italy kick~off at five to~day! That's all that
    matters to me...Forza Azzurri....!!!
    Rosso..Bianco..Verdi....ALL over the place,
    here at home....Car and all....!
    "That's enough Willie...settle down now". :>).

    Oh! love the ladies in the frames, above.
    Especially the one with the maracas...HeHe!
    "Nuff Said".

    1. Yay...come on Italy, I shall be cheering for you. xx

  2. Gorgeous cards, gorgeous neon football boots did you notice they were wearing odd ones too?....of course we watched well he did I gazed at all the pretty ponytails....shhhh d x

    1. Yes, I wondered about the odd boots. I expect they need to know their left from their right, do you think it will catch on?

    2. I'm sticking my nosey nose in....
      It's not unknown...I'm a bit of a trend setter...And...
      Do wear odd trainers occasionally, and, socks, people
      say to me "Willie..You've got odd socks on". "No! they can't
      be odd..l've another pair exactly the same at home". Boom!
      Boom! HeHe!
      And l'd always tuck the laces into trainers...Always...Even
      before it became the fashion! :).

  3. I didn't watch the football so never saw odd boots.

    Do you think they'd pick up pace
    If they didn't have a lace?
    Give them velcro straps I say
    So they can focus on their play

    Rubbishy poem today I know. Will do better next time. Love your scrabble pictures and cards! x

  4. Love the scrabble pics E,E, & Oh my those cards are just gorgeous :-)

  5. I live in a football free house, so really this time I can only but imagine what you are going on about!,

  6. Loved the cards and the way sh'e mixed Janet and John with scrabble words. Hope you find some more Y's soon.
    Jacqui x

  7. Your daughter has your genes that's for sure, brilliant! :) x