Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Let me...

take you down...

Cause I'm going to...

Strawberry Fields

Nothing to peel

And nothing...

 to get ...

hung about...

Strawberry Fields...


Crafty ways make smoothie days thanks to Mr EE

EE xx


  1. After a very hot afternoon at work those smoothies look delicious. Had to make do with two mini fab's when I got home - why don't they taste like they used to?! And I love how green the allotment is looking - my very favourite shade of green! XX

  2. Do you realise that when you publish these posts of yours E.E. these song tunes & lyrics get stuck inside my head & I hum the jolly things for the rest of the day !!!!! Its lovely to see those fat red strawberries this grey winters day xox

  3. Yummy! Strawberry fields forever.
    Jacqui xx

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    do you have a smoothie recipe to share is there ice cream?
    bestest D x

    1. Miss Daisy...Chef..Number one here....!
      Simple smoothie recipe...
      Take say...10 Strawberries..Chop them up into four pieces..
      1/2 Cup of Milk.....
      5 Ice Cubes...
      1 Tbsp of Sugar...
      3 Scoops of ice~cream.....Strawberry...?
      Place contents into blender.....Sorted...!
      Don't forget to put the smoothie into glasses..
      Otherwise...It could get messy...!x :).

  5. Gorgeous photos, strawberries and smoothies! I feel a poem coming on...............

    There is mothing like a strawberry
    Plump and ripe and juicy
    But it's even better with ice cream
    And blended in a smoothie