Friday, 11 July 2014

You wear it well...

a little old fashioned but I don't mind.

At last, I've found a model,
She's 'armless, tall and leggy.
She loves to pose
On tippie toes,
I think I'll call her Peggy.

We found her broken beneath some dummies at our local boot fair.
It was lucky that a curtain rod finial fitted her neck.

That's probably why she loves Rod Stewart...
perhaps I should have called her Maggie May?

We are heading west for some playtime
and leaving Peggy in charge, suitably dressed
 to encourage some housework while we're away.

So when the sun goes low and you're home alone 
think of me and try out the hoover!

I'm looking forward to making her some 
new pinnies when we get back... they look better on her.

Crafty ways make holidays.

EE xx


  1. Now! That's what l call a Dickie~Bow...! :).

    HeHe! Armless..Tall...And, Legless....My sort of
    lady really...Strange, we have a lot of dummies at
    our local boot fair as well...Most of them selling vintage.

    Well...Have a nice little playtime....Heading West eh!
    Don't forget yer passport, if your crossing into Dorset! :>).

  2. I think Peggy, suits her down to the ground. Another friend for Ethel!
    Jacqui x

  3. Have a happy holiday
    I will miss you when you play away x