Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Eighty Degrees...

Mr Fahrenheit!

A lazy day, a restless night
Makes sewing slow and crafting light...

so not much to show this month, hindered by holidays and heat...
but I'm not complaining.

I painted some little Ikea chairs...

the seaside border fitted so well, thank you Laura Ashley.

 I had a little holiday in Dorset...

This is Beer in Devon

 I chopped up a tank top,

made some fair isle flowers and...

some 'wools' ice cream ...

and I stuffed a swan!

My pin board is full and ready for our next craft fair

so I'm off for a paddle and
I'll leave you with my favourite holiday snap...

I wonder how he keeps cool?

Crafty ways make lazy days.

EE xx


  1. This ALL made me chuckle....HeHe!
    So you came over to Dorset then...Glad your
    passport was up~to~date....You did'nt say which
    part..Seaside by the looks of it...Lovely!

    And the Llama...HeHe! And a stuffed swan...Goodness!
    Have'nt had stuffed swan in years...Especially with Parsley
    and Sage...mmmmM! :).

    Sorry! Feeling a bit 'Fluffy' to~day....HeHe! Stuffed Swan!

  2. Opps, that was Beer in Devon but we stayed in Lyme Regis and border hopped.
    Have a very fluffy day. xx

  3. Ethel you are really clever
    Crafty making in this weather
    Coming here I feel good karma
    And I like the pic of hairy llama! x

  4. You've been busy. Love those chairs and your versifying always brings a smile!
    Jacqui x

  5. I love the woolly ice-creams-so clever! I'm most intrigued, where is that lovely bay is in Dorset? Jane x

  6. Gorgeous fabric on the chairs, we had the wallpaper frieze going round our bathroom. Love those flowers
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx