Monday, 15 September 2014

Knit Wit

Sorry unable to credit this, it was on my daughter's wardrobe.
Do you sometimes feel that no matter
how hard you try to cast on you still can't make anything new?

I was determined to put my Junior Scrabble boards to good use
but it's all been done before... 

I thought 'outside the box' 
and we needed some display boxes so
my scrabble board mountain became... boxes!

I admit they are not wildly exciting but jolly useful and very strong.

Thank you for all your suggestions, I liked Julie's idea from KC's Court!
(a memo board) so please send me your details (
and I will send you a bag of silly!

I had the PVA out so I finished upcycling the Kittens and Puppies...
no perfect books were harmed.

I know it's a bit early for these so look away now...

and these...(Easter?)

They are pretty but not very original.

  Greeting Mat?

A detachable beer mat card featuring your favourite tipple!

Here's mine...

or perhaps for your favourite man...

I might give these a trial run next month
and maybe some crocheted 'rugs for mugs'.

What do you think?

I've never seen a Greeting Mat.

Do crafty ways make Greeting Mats
or am I unraveling?

EE xx


  1. You're unravelling but a great idea. Love your daughter's picture ...... can she knit me a brain too!!
    Jacqui xx

  2. Thank you, that is kind of you.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Whey~Hey! Another Guinness drinker...
    Though at £5 a pint these days..Don't
    drink a lot of it....! :).

    Good idea with the Scrabble boards,
    And, with the squares on the outside,
    could still be used for a game or two..!

    HeHe! What can l say about the picture
    up top.....Brainless! :>).

  4. That picture sums me up at the moment. My brain is scrambled with too much to do ...
    Love the boxes ... great idea!
    M x

  5. You may not think much of them, but I love your scrabble boxes. xx

  6. I love your scrabble boxes too E,E, They look fabulous as display boxes. In fact I love everything ... kittens & puppy cards, beer mats :-) Look forward to seeing your crochet mug rugs. I used to have a crochet "mug cosy" that just slipped around your coffee mug with a gap for the handle ... I loved it :-) Have also seen crochet coffee perc cosies .... oh the list goes on ...

  7. Greeting mats make crafty ways
    A place for your glass or mug to laze
    I also like the box of board
    In it I would stash my hoard x

  8. I LOVE those eScrabble boxes, Ethel! I wish I were more handy with actual construction, though I have an idea for covering card with felt and stitching the seams together - this method would allow me to make boxes, and I thought even file boxes - you know the kind - open , with sloping sides - I'm sure there is a proper name for these! Oh and I was thinking - you could make great advent calendars as well as notice boards......