Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Guilty Pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure
I feel it's time to share
I love to trawl for treasure
That looks the worse for wear.

I rescue, mend and clean up
With a sense of duty
All dumped and unloved souls
At my local booty.

Don't bother me with riches
I much prefer the tat
I'll save the world from landfill
Without a charge for vat!

I had to say 'good bye' to Sooty and Sweep yesterday...

but they did have a grand day out before they went

and I soon made some new friends this morning.

Who could resist that smile?

It says 'pat pending' on her back so I'm going to call her Pat.

I love you, Pat.

Crafty ways make fun and games.

EE xx


  1. "I'll buy you a diamond ring my friend,
    if it makes you feel all right,
    I'll get you anything my friend,
    if it makes you feel all right,
    cause, l don't care to much for money,
    money can't........"
    Goodness! Beatles! 1964..!

    So! Sooty and sweep have gone off together,
    nothing new there then. Always had my suspicions
    about those two....Even as a boy! :).

    HaHa! I love that Pat to.....She's great! Not a face
    l'd like to wake to...But! Oh! I don't know though! :>).
    "What do you call someone who falls asleep, under
    a cow...???"

  2. I am embarrassed to say that I am so old, that I had several 'Pat's', when they first were a craze.
    I loved them then and I love them now!
    Jacqui xx

  3. It is great to see Pat Pending
    I would like to see trolls trending
    I used to have trolls big and small
    And now I don't own none - at all
    You're good to rescue unloved souls
    And paint them up and mend their holes
    My guilty pleasure (most of the time)
    Is to see if I can make things rhyme! x

  4. Hi E.E. Been away on a quick trip .. just playing catch-up on my fav blogs. Love Pat SO much !!! Just delightful