Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy 2015

It was a peaceful sunset here on the south coast yesterday...

but this soggy Saturday isn't offering much promise... monkey makeover it is then.

Crafty ways makes monkey business.

EE xx


  1. Makeover your monkey
    When the weather is glum
    And before you know it
    You're having fun!

    Happy New Year! The weather is dreadful here today - really bleak and depressing but there is sunshine in my heart! Your cheery posts never fail to make me smile. x

  2. Monkey needs cheering up....
    "How does a monkey get down stairs"?
    Slides down the banana-ster...

    "What do you call a monkey in a mine fild"?
    A Baboom!

    "How do you catch a monkey"?
    Climb a tree and act like a banana!

    "What's black, dangerous and lives up trees"?
    Monkey with a machine gun..

    "What do monkeys do for laughs"?
    Tell jokes about people...! :).

    That's it....Happy New Year...!
    Back to the footy...
    Oh! The monkey looks fine to me....
    HeHe! He can scratch his feet, without
    bending over...! Clever! :>).

  3. Happy new year to you and your monkey!xx

  4. Monkeying about, is much more fun.
    Happy New Year!
    Jacqui x

  5. Happy new year, shame it won't be the year of the monkey for the Chinese new year, I've no idea what the year of the sheep heralds! x