Sunday, 3 May 2015

More Market Makes for May

I've been busy making merchandise for our May market
but today is post market down time...hurrah!

Would you like to see my best bits?

Best mates,

best pin cushion,

best blooms

and best display ...
badges for chests in the community!

It's always mayhem and
a struggle to squeeze it all in the car.
(if only they'd stack inside each other!)

but we made it!

I 'm going to start early for next month,
I say that every month.

 Crafty ways make market days.

EE xx


  1. Best Blooms are my favourite pick .... followed closely by Best Pincushion :-) Not sure if I have said this already ... but I LOVE your new header E.E.

  2. Love your new header and all your makes, especially the use of the Community Chest cards!

  3. Yes! Lovely! All has a 'pink' feel to it...! :).
    Love the pink swan...Nice!

    And...I still have my old monopoly set in the
    wardrobe...With the price still on the box..19/11p.
    Penny short of a pound in the old money..!
    It must be 60yrs old....Goodness! "Nuff Said".

  4. I'd take a chance on a community chest
    The things you make really are the best
    I love your best mates, best blooms and swan
    And Russian dolls in a push-along! x

  5. Very unusual things my dear,like the swan pincushion.Pam.