Friday, 17 April 2015

Eternal frames

This lovely weather has been making me rather lazy...

no sewing or knitting...

just a bit of cutting and sticking

and lots of framing.

How about a complimentary mirror?

You have to be careful when you photograph mirrors

they can catch you unawares...

I really like how this one turned out...

and I think my daughter has a point.

This one's naughty...

so I might be needing these...

on my journey.

 No political message intended...
I shall be making a right pointy finger as well!

 Crafty ways make topical days.

EE xx


  1. HaHa! Love those mirrors....Yes! Definitely! See
    one of those in my bathroom...! :). Oh! Yes!

    "We don't stop laughing because we grow old, we grow
    old because we stop laughing".

  2. If this weather makes you lazy, I wonder how much you "produce" on a rainy day ;-) !!
    Love the paper cutting work !

  3. Hello E.E, Oh I adore that frame with all the vintage sewing paraphenalia in it ... how perfect :-) You have achieved loads of new stock. Our weather has turned cold, wet & windy .... winter is knocking at our doors. Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Eco Ethel sticks things down
    And daughter cuts things out
    A crafty talented duo
    Of that there is no doubt!

    Great post full of lovelies. x