Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm a Happy Bunny!

I was delighted to receive some fab post this morning...

I won a prize!

What a treat...sending a special thank you to 

for the giveaway and

for her generosity and inspiration. 

The Story of a Maker...

a charming book full of treasure, creativity and bows
(I love bows)...

and hearts...

and posh sticky tape!

When I'm happy I like to rhyme (sorry!)
so here's a poem inspired by Jessie's book...

It's called

When you feel a bit low
Or your mo-jo's gone slow
Try a needle and thread
To pick up your head.

Tiny stitches will grow
 From the rhythm and flow,
A mending creation
Of self-preservation.

Crafty ways make lucky days

EE xx


  1. What a fabulous book E,E, .... thanks for letting me know this amazing book existed. I have gone over to her website & had a little look. Congrats on your win - thats wonderful :-)

  2. "Bunnies are brown...Bunnies are white...
    Bunnies are always a pleasant delight...!

    Bunnies are cuddly..The large and the small..
    But l like the chocolate ones, the best of them all".

  3. Such a lovely thoughtful prize
    Delightful things before your eyes
    Stitchy goodness through and through
    A wonderful gift from Jessie to you!

    * Sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit low. x

  4. What a fabulous prize. Loved your 'wordy' response!
    Jacqui x